Update to Shopify Textmate Bundle

Just updated the Shopify Textmate bundle. It now has support for a config file - so you can have multiple shops in a project. The most obvious use case is a dev shop and a live shop, and switching between them.

It’s a feature I’ve wanted to see for a bit, but I had to do some R&D on part of it, and never really had a chance (the effor to benefit ratio wasn’t there, since I’m not doing a ton of template work these days, and there’s so many interesting things to work on :) ).

However, I just started work on a cool new project which has me working on a new tmbundle, and I leveled up on bundle development, so I knew what how to do the switching properly now. The bundle still works with the old method, so any users of the bundle shouldn’t notice a difference. 

Anyhow, hope it helps people.