believe it or not, i don’t google my name with any regularity - i admit I actively resist the impulse, so it’s been a long time (at least a year, if not more, though I don’t doubt the AI’s at google could tell you to within the minute).

Setting up my new page got me wondering, so I caved.

Overall, no big surprises on page one. page 2 there was an interesting find - i’m listed on cnet, in the windows category no less.  Since it’s there, I figure might as well fix it up, have it point to the latest version, and list it in the right categories. It’s frustrating that there’s no clear link how to claim my profile, and no link to contact anyone specifically about that. Just that I haven’t made a publisher profile. I went and wasted time making a regular user account but can’t find the path to claim my profile.

I’ll try via twitter and update with any results.