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Shopify.tmbundle will let you work with your Shopify themes using TextMate. No more copy-paste-submit, among other advantages.

Getting Started

There's a few ways to install the bundle:

The simplest way is to install it using the GetBundles bundle. This will allow you to always have the latest version. It's just a super useful bundle.

For a good visual guide, see the Shopify wiki.

Otherwise you can just download and install the bundle in a few easy steps.

  • Download the zip file
  • Unzip it
  • Rename the folder it creates for you as shopify.tmbundle
  • It should then appear as a regular TextMate Bundle. Double click, and TextMate should just install it.

Help & Resources


You can @meeech on Twitter (that's with 3 e's :)), or message me on GitHub.